Elyiecia e Iván

“Dear Tamara & Jose Manuel, When we first started planning our wedding, we did not think we needed a wedding planner and that we could do it all ourselves….To be completely honest, we are so thankful to have found you both. You helped us create the vision that we wanted for the most important day of our lives. You found and created a team of professionals for us that we now consider friends. You fought for us when we wanted a specific venue and date and tolerated us when were very particular about our expectations.  Planning a wedding with international clients is no easy task. The amount of times that you both stayed up until after midnight to discuss our wedding plans on skype, over email, or via blackberry messenger is dedication that we do not think we could have found anywhere else. We cannot thank you enough for making our experience so unique and for counselling us during stressful times. Your dedication, professionalism, and friendship will be remembered always. MUCHOS GRACIAS POR TODO!!!!!”